Olomana trail hike, Oahu, HI

Olomana Trail 0

On the last day of the Hawaii trip 7/3/2013, I decided to challenge the famous Olomana trail at Kailua, HI. In fact I wasn’t planning to do this one because it looked a little bit too dangerous because it has some climbing at the end (see pictures below). But after the Manoa Cliff trail in the morning, I felt like I can just do it.  And how often I can trip to Oahu anyway? So I did it. This trail is roughly 1 mile long (so it’s a short trail but you have to keep climbing. It’s quite hard.) and has three peaks at the end. See the details about the trail at here.

Keep walking up the slope.

olomana trail

and climbing to meet pine trees


A view at the mid point. Northern central part of Oahu, Kailua bay is shown on the top.


And meet yet another, harder climbing.

Looking it down..


Looking  down another stiff one.


The last rock climbing before the 1st peak.

The final rock climbing before the 1st peak

The rock on the bottom center of the picture is the other side of the last rock climbing (a picture above)


wider angle view


I can now see the final 3rd peak from here.

3rd peak

Unfortunately, I stopped right before the first peak because I was afraid of the heights as soon as I climbed the last rock. As shown in the video below, it’s 1,600 feet drop right next to the trail. I’m usually not afraid of heights. But I am when I’m actually standing on an edge of a cliff.

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