LambdaVision : 100 Megapixel display wall

The National Science Foundation’s OptIPuter project inspired by the rapid growth in wide-area bandwidth with development in optical networking. OptIPuter project’s goal is to make large-scale data easily accessible to researchers regardless of their geographic locations by connecting them with optical networks. The ultra-high resolution tiled-display wall driven by commodity PC clusters that are connected to optical networks is one of the outcomes of the OptIPuter project. It is to provide a greater display area that can display multiple high-resolution visualizations that are rendered remotely by high-performance computing resources and streamed to users through the network. Furthermore it enables communications via high-definition video with colleagues while maintaining interactivity. The graphics middleware called SAGE is developed to enable these objectives.

This video shows Lambdavision, a 100-megapixel tiled display, driven by a cluster of 28 machines. The Scalable Adaptive Graphics Environment (SAGE) allows users to juxtapose multiple high-resolution streams from remote computing and rendering resources as if it were a single high-resolution desktop. This is a significant departure from other tiled-display middleware that typically allow only one, local, application to take over the whole display. We also show the initial step towards enabling interaction in such large high-resolution environments using a 3D mouse (Gyromouse).