RailPerf : Network performance benchmarking with Rails Toolkit (RTK)

Participated in Rails Toolkit (RTK) research and developed RailPerf. RTK homepage , Paper link

RailPerf is a multi-threaded network benchmarking tool that uses RTK.

RTK is an open source API that enables applications to co-schedule CPU cores, GPUs, Memory and Network resources within multi- and many- core computer systems. My experiment showed up to 30% improvement in network throughput and latency for data-intensive networked applications.

We define a “Rail” as the co-scheduling of two or more of these resources. Using RTK, applications will be able to create one or more rails over which their data-intensive computation and data retrieval can be accelerated without interference from other rails or applications- hence dramatically increasing performance. RTK can be used to improve the performance of high performance computing applications, high-speed data delivery applications, as well as high-resolution graphics and video streaming.