I am currently working as a Lead Software Engineer and Researcher at Sensory Technologies supervising multi-user collaborative visualization technology called Thrive. My role includes planning, designing, and prototyping software solutions that aim for the next generation multi-user collaborative visualization environments such as Thrive.

During my graduate study, I worked on optimizations of high-performance visualization systems and prototyped a multi-user interactive networked visualization middleware called SAGE-Next. My Ph.D. dissertation “Multi-User Centered Resource Scheduling for Large Scale Display Wall Environments” presents user-centered network resource allocation scheme and model-based priority assessment for collaborative visualization environments such as SAGE-Next and Thrive.

I mostly develop with C++, Qt, jQuery, NodeJS on a Linux platform.

You can contact me at
snam at sensorytechnologies.com


SAGE-Next : Multi-user interaction and application development framework for a single machine driven visualization system. Photo credit Lance Long @Electronic Visualization Laboratory, University of Illinois at Chicago